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Have some big stuff you need to get rid of?  Couches, appliances, yard waste, moving stuff? Give us a call for a quote!

Truck to Truck

Plentiful research shows that vehicle weight is the main determining factor in the deterioration of road surfaces by vehicles, and these effects are multiplied when combined with frequent stopping and turning.  With most garbage trucks weighing from 40k - 60k lbs while working, it is no surprise that they are one of the largest contributors to wear and tear on residential roads.  Even Titan's heaviest trucks average around half the weight of our competitors' trucks, and our single rear axle trucks eliminate the destructive "tire scrub" of tandem axle trucks that is especially damaging to cul-de-sacs.  All of our trucks are single rear axle trucks that weight less than 26,000 lbs empty.  If you want to preserve your communty streets and/or save money on your private road maintenance, Titan is the clear choice for you.


The average weight of our competitors trucks can vary from

Single axle rear load (20 yard) truck ......... 40,000+ GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight)

Tandem axle rear or side load (25-30 yard) truck ........ 60,000+ GVW

Titan Recycle & Trash Fleet
Our side load units                         GV: 10 yard.............19,000 GVW

                                                  Tucson: 16 yard.......33,000 GVW

Our rear load units                       GV: 8 yard...............21,000 GVW

                                                 Tucson: 16 yard........32,000 GVW

(GVW = total weight of truck AND all contents, passengers, etc. These weights are for a fully loaded truck.)


Ask about our bulk pickup services and dump trailer rentals!  We have dump trailers that we will drop off at your house  for you to fill up, and we will come pick it up when you're done.  One simple flat rate with no landfill fees or fuel surcharges.  Smaller and more convenient than roll-off containers!

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