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Garbage Trucks on Your Roads

Garbage Trucks and Your Roads

  • Road maintenance is generally the single largest budget expense for private communities that own and maintain their own roads.  These costs are directly passed down to homeowners via HOA assessments.

  • Vehicle weight is the determining factor in wear and tear on paved roads.

  • A typical 3-axle garbage truck has an axle weight of approximately 20,000 lbs per front axle and 44,000 lbs for the rear axles (total 64,000 lbs)

  • Even the smaller trucks of most companies are usually over 30,000 lbs. empty.

  • Titan trucks weigh between 12,000 and 22,000 lbs, meaning the negative road impact of Titan’s largest truck is less than half that of typical 3-axle trucks.

  • Impacts of vehicles can be measured using an Equivalent Single Axle Load (ESAL) formula. A standard passenger car has an ESAL of .0007, while a 3-axle garbage truck has an ESAL of 1.0. This means one trip by a 3-axle garbage truck is equivalent to 1,429 car trips.

  • Not only are our trucks MUCH lighter and less destructive than our competitors' to begin with, we also employ a "single pass" method of service, wherein both sides of the street are picked up at once instead of only one side at a time like most companies.  This means ONE TRIP down your streets in our trucks as opposed to TWO TRIPS by most of our competitors.


Ask about our bulk pickup services and dump trailer rentals!  We have dump trailers that we will drop off at your house  for you to fill up, and we will come pick it up when you're done.  One simple flat rate with no landfill fees or fuel surcharges.  Smaller and more convenient than roll-off containers!

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